1954 – Dayton Tooling is established

Starting in Coburg, Victoria as a Tooling and Die Design business, demands for our engineering services grew rapidly. The business was incorporated in 1960 when it moved to its current purpose-built Preston site where it continued to provide sophisticated design and press tool manufacturing services to automotive industry customers such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and International Harvester and Alcoa.


1970s – Introduction of Daytek Wheelbarrows

In the 1970s, Dayton Tooling, whilst still providing professional press tool and engineering services expanded to manufacture products for the Hardware market. Starting with its award-winning Wheelbarrow, the Daytek brand was established and expanded to include Tool Boxes, Ladders and Lawn-edgers. Our vision was to design, engineer and manufacture new and innovative products. This vision continues today. 

1980s – Introduction of Daytek Clotheslines Daytek

1980s – Introduction of Daytek Clotheslines, Daytek introduced the Daytek Rotary, the first in its now iconic range of Clothesline products. The Daytek Rotary was so successful, we soon expanded our Clothesline range to include the Daytek Fold-Down, Retractable and Indoor Models. We have continued to add innovation to clothesline design and manufacture ever since. 

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Daytek Australia Today

Daytek Australia is now a third-generation family company, and the leading clothesline provider in Australia. In 2016 we expanded our Preston premises to establish a Daytek Design Centre, to focus on new product development and improvement. Some 62 years later we were established, we remain a 100% Australian-owned private company, continuing tooling and B2B steel manufacturing, fabrication of Industrial products, and manufacturing a greatly expanded range of Daytek consumer products available nationally and internationally.

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