Starting in Coburg, Victoria in 1954 as a Tooling and Die Design business, the business was incorporated in 1960 when it moved to its current purpose-built Preston site.  Situated in Albert Street between Gower and Harrow Streets, it continues to provide sophisticated design and press tool manufacturing services to industry.

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Engineering and Tooling remain a core focus of our business, including development and design of tooling, prototype tooling, tooling repairs, jig design and fabrication, contract powder coating, and in-house manufacturing.  With decades of experience, we understand the requirements of our industry clients.  

Utilizing over 5,000 sq. metres of factory space with three street frontages, our infrastructure includes:

  • 500T Single action press bed size 2300 x 1200
  • 500T Double action deep drawing press, bed size 2400 x 1900
  • 400T clearing press bed size 2200 x 1500
  • 300T CNC auto feed, twin de-coilers, bed size 2000 x 1200
  • 200Ton John Heine Press with in-line de-coiler
  • Full suite of machinery including drilling, bending, tube cutting, lathe, grinding, milling, sawing and guillotine
  • TIG and MIG welding
  • Powder coating in-house, featuring automatic powder spraying, continuous wash bay, booth and oven, 5 filtration modules
  • 40’ high cube container dock
  • External loading platform for up to 40’ tray truck
  • Loading ramp with 12.5T overhead crane access
  • Additional 7.5T overhead crane
  • Secured warehouse
  • AutoCAD design facilities

Today Dayton Tooling Pty. Ltd. continues to meet the needs of its customers
with the addition of two business divisions;



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