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Daytek understands that Clotheslines are the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly laundry drying solution available. Our Daytek Clothesline ranges have innovative features to make drying your washing a breeze, with options for every backyard, as well as compact models for balconies and indoors, and an attention to detail that even includes protective covers to protect your clothes from sudden showers.

Daytek Clotheslines are designed specifically to suit Australian conditions. The largest is the iconic Daytek Rotary, designed for outdoor use and available in a number of sizes and designer colours.  A more compact solution is the Daytek Fold-Down, which is available in the Twin model for larger families, and Single, Slim or Mini models for smaller families or individuals.  For small spaces, the Daytek Retractables range of Clotheslines is the perfect solution.

Colour My Day

Brighten your day with colours that perfectly match your exterior d├ęcor and garden.

Daytek is proud to offer an extensive range of colours to complement and add value to Australian homes and gardens of all styles and sizes.  In fact, we offer the largest range of colours for clotheslines in Australia.

Daytek colours include hues from a standard modern palette, as well as special custom-ordered colours to match your garden or home.  We can offer special colours because we make these units to order at our Victorian-based manufacturing facility which has its own state-of-the-art powder coating facility.  Check out each product to find out its colour options.

Custom Made

Daytek is able to provide a range of custom solutions for Daytek Rotary and Daytek Fold-Down Clotheslines. Custom solutions include changes to sizes and colours, to fit special applications. Contact our customer service department for advice on how to best tailor a solution for your specific needs.


Installation is not difficult, but if you prefer someone else to put in your Daytek clothesline, we have installers right across Australia that can help install your Daytek Australia clothesline. Click here to read more about our installers. 

All Daytek Clotheslines are backed by extensive warranties and a complete range of Daytek spare parts readily available..

Just a small part of what we call The Daytek Australia Difference

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Twin Fold Down MK2 Lift and Lock

The Daytek Australia Twin Fold Down clothesline offers the combined flexibility of two clotheslines in one with the versatility of two frames that operate independently.



Wing Airer Storm

The Daytek Australia Winged Airer provides upto 18 metres of hanging space when the weather is inclement or space is of a premium.


Colour My Day

Brighten your day with colours that perfectly match your exterior decor and garden. Choose from our extensive range of colours including Black, Hawthorn Green, Coastal Blue & Sand or speak to us about a custom-made colour solution.

Select from our standard range or pick a colour to suit, where ever you see this badge!