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Daytek Garden Frame Shelf

Product Code: 0000001

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Product Code: 0000001

  • Stylish, simple and sturdy steel design
  • Galvanised and powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • Item includes Frame set only
  • Insert your choice of shelving material (not included)
  • Each frame set can make 3-5 shelves
  • Paint, stain or varnish the wood to achieve your personalised finish
  • Customize the length to suit your space
  • Easy to pack away or relocate
  • Perfect for apartment balconies
  • Shelf dimension 42.1cm deep x 43.4cm high


Shelving Material - What do I need?

For best fit we recommend using 4 even lengths of 22mm x 90mm pine decking boards (2 pieces per tier). Maximum recommended shelf length is 1.5m.  This can vary depending on your shelving material and the total weight of the items to be placed on it.

If using an alternative shelving material, we recommend testing the fitment with the frame prior to purchase. The maximum allowable size accepted by each shelf slot is 180mm x 22mm. Anything smaller than the specified dimension may require the use of packers for stability.


Daytek bears no responsibility for the use of unsuitable shelving material that results in accident, injury or damage. Always ensure the stability of your shelves prior to loading with weight. Shelves are not to be used for sitting or standing on.


7year structural warranty

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