Need a special size or colour or have an application that you’d like to discuss? As an Australian manufacturer, you can talk directly with us to discuss your particular requirements.

Whether you are a home owner  who wants a Daytek Clothesline in a special one-off colour or bespoke size, or a commercial customer with application or architectural requirements for project builds, we can develop a solution for you and deliver on our commitment.

At Daytek, we are able to provide a range of custom solutions for selected products including the Daytek Rotary and Daytek Fold-Down Clotheslines. Custom solutions include changes to sizes and colours. Contact our customer service department for advice on how we can tailor a solution for your specific needs.

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M38 MK2 Rotary

Model 38 is ideally suited to smaller families.


M48 MK2 Rotary

Model 48 is designed to accommodate Queen size sheets. Perfect for a medium-sized family.


M58 MK2 Rotary

Model 58 is the largest and has an outstanding 58m of line space with sufficient length for a King size sheet. The ideal choice for those with a large family.


Colour My Day

Brighten your day with colours that perfectly match your exterior decor and garden. Choose from our extensive range of colours including Black, Hawthorn Green, Coastal Blue & Sand or speak to us about a custom-made colour solution.

Select from our standard range or pick a colour to suit, where ever you see this badge!